One day off

I really wanted to spend some time with my girlfriend for Valentine’s day, but I had to go to work.
As I was leaving the house, she came to me, kissed me with passion and said “You should stay in today”.
Why did that sound off?

I opened my eyes and saw myself, towering over me.
He told me “Don’t panic, I swapped our bodies so that you could get some time off. Enjoy!”
With that, he left for work. I was stunned.

I looked at my new body. I had her small hands, I saw her hair falling on my neck, I was wearing her clothes. I was… so feminine. Well, yes, of course because I was her but… It seemed so strange.
I walked carefully to the mirror. Everything in the house seemed bigger than before.
And there she was. My reflection. Her. I went closer to the mirror to analyse my face. It was so cute. This tiny nose, those pouty lips…
I winked and said out loud “I’m going to enjoy this day off!”


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