Be aware, everything is not freeware

“God damnit! It doesn´t work!”

Greg mashed the keys even harder in a futile attempt to fix the situation.
“Work damnit!”

The Total Transformation Software was a wonderful piece of technology. Enter target data, insert image target, press Enter. The results would show them self instantaneously.

Browsing around on the web Greg came in contact with the software through an ad. It piqued his interest and he ended up installing it.
He read some of the instructions, skipping the blablabla stuff, and got really excited. It would allow him to change his shape to whatever and whomever he wanted.
Searching through his ´hot girls´-folder he soon found what he was looking after, one of his favorites. An athletic brown-haired girl.
Greg dragged a bunch of pictures of her into the Total Transformation Software, giving it a good basis to work with.

The world spun around for a second or so, making him lose his bearings.
When the world had stopped spinning Greg went on to inspect her new body. Her smaller finger poked one of the most obvious changes, the breasts. They were soft. The left hand went down to the butt cheeks and gave it a firm grasp. So big!
No stubble on the face, nice not having to worry about that for a while. Long smooth hair. Hey! The legs were smooth too.
She decided to take an shower to get to know her body better.


The shower had been….interesting. Just let us say that she had a couple of revelations regarding women.
But now it´s time to change back. She had to be at work within the hour.

Nothing worked! She had restarted the computer, changed settings, changed images,even changed targets. Nothing happened, she only got an error message telling her that it was an illegal action. And what was the name of the URL?
What would she do?

Had Greg been more careful and had read all of the instructions, including the legal notice, she would had noticed that this was a one-time use only.


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