Incredible device (part 4)

Kyle was daydreaming during his math lessons, with the remote in his hand. He still felt good, knowing that he got rid of the bully thanks to it, maybe he could be like some kind of superhero. His dreams were interrupted by a loud shout “Wallington! Stand up!” His teacher was angry. Kyle rised from his chair immidiately, looking at the angry face of Mr. Novak. Mr. Novak was Kyle’s nightmare, he was grumpy and very demanding to his students. He was in his early 40’s but from what Kyle heard he never had a wife.
“I see Mr. Wallington you’re pretty bored by my lessons. let me hear then how you would resolve this problem” He pointed at the chalkboard. Kyle gulped, he can’t get another bad grade, his parents already told him he will be grounded for life with no computer, no phone and no allowance. “Think Kyle, Think” He was starting to panic. He looked at the remote in his hand “No i can’t” He rejected the idea. “We’re waiting” Mr. Novak was loosing his patience. “Or maybe” Kyle thought and started to type. “What! Wallington are you playing with your phone?!” Mr. Novak couldn’t belive. “You just made your situation alot worse” Kyle could see the fury in his eyes, but he didn’t have the time for it now, he was typing as fast as he could, his fingers were sweating. When he finished he pressed the button nad closed his eyes. The shouts of his teacher had subsided.

“Kyle you know the rules, no phones during class” Kyle heard a soft voice. He opened his eyes and saw his creation smiling at him. Mrs. Susan Holden was her name and she was in her early 30’s. All students loved her, always joyous, understanding and nice. A great math teacher, good wife and a mother of two boys.

“I’ sorry Kyle but i need to take it till the class ends” She reached her hand for the remote. Kyle didn’t want any trouble, reluctantly he handed the remote to his teacher. “That’s not a phone” Mrs. Holden said surprised as she checked out the device in her hand. “It’s a project i’ve made, a remote that works on all tv’s” Kyle quickly made up a lie. “It’s good you’re creative but i still need to take it, you can have it after our lesson” She turned back and walked to her desk. Kyle watched mesmerized as she swayed her hips. He didn’t mention her look when he programmed the device, but it came out very nice.


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