Improvement (My aunt Melanie. Part 9)

Since i made things up with unlce James my life was getting better. I was finally able to enjoy myself, without any thoughts i could ruin my aunt’s life. I couldn’t hold back so i called my aunt to tell her about everything. She was really happy about the good news although she still didn’t have any trace of the magic stone. I didn’t feel sad about it, at least i was glad i’ve done something good. Putting back her marriage together wasn’t the only good thing that happened recently. I just got a phone from work. My boss was really satisfied by my ideas and he promised a promotion. Guess the years i spend playing video games paid off. As a gamer i knew exactly what people like me wanted to see in games and it helped me a lot.

Since my uncle came back i noticed his behavior changed. He was helping me with the housewrok and i finally had some time to myself. We started to resemble a happy family and i enojoyed it so much. It was after dinner when the boys went to the living room while i cleaned the dishes. When i came to join them i couldn’t help but smile, seeing how uncle James is playing with little Timmy. They looked so adorable. “Care to join us?” James asked. I was looking forward to it but i was a bit tired so i sat on the couch and enjoyed watching them. I didn’t have much rest as the two of them dragged me from the couch and forced me to play the role of damsel in distress while James was the villain defeated by knight Timmy. I had a lot of fun and i think i started to like the idea of being a mother. It felt so nice to have a family on my own, at least for some time. I knew it won’t last forever and at this time i felt… Jealous?

After putting Timmy to bed i went back to the living room. We watched some tv and chated about random stuff. It was getting late and i had to get up early for work. I kissed James on the cheek for good night and went upstairs. I stopped midway and looked at him. He laid down on the couch and covered himself with a blanked. I felt sorry for him. “You don’t have to sleep on the couch anymore” I said. “No it’s fine, i don’t want to force you” He said but i shook my head. “Come on” I grabbed his hand and guided him to our bedroom “Your place is here” I said as we got inside.
As we got into the bed i felt a little bit weird. It was the first time i slept with a man beside me but yet i didn’t freak out. Even when he put his hand on my waist. I moved closer to him. His body was so warm and it was so nice to feel it. We fell asleep cuddled up together.


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