Oh my god! I couldn’t believe how different he looked. He was my best friend I knew him for all my life. But now, oh my god! He was so attractive. That bitch must have done something with my head also.

“We are going to solve this, bro. Don’t worry; she will come around and transform you back. You’ll see.”

He said to me in that charming low voice and I barely listened since I was busy trying to control myself.

“She… she is very mad this time… I had promised not to cheat her again… I… I… I didn’t know she could do this… I’m a… I’m a fucking woman, bro!”

I stammered nervously, looking him from head to toes. The voice coming out of my mouth was sweet high and undeniable female.

“Yes, I can see that, and… well, sorry, but bro… you are… you are gorgeous.”

He said a little embarrassed and I melted. I felt things down there getting moist, very different from getting hard, but I knew instantly and exactly what it meant. I wiggled a little and took a deep breath, trying to ignore his compliment and all the effects it gave me.

“And… and… and the bitch is making me work for her, bro! In our restaurant… as a fucking waitress… or else she would throw me on the streets without money or ID, that’s… that’s why I’m here, bro…”

I could see real care in his look, I trembled. “You did right, bro… I’ll help you, you can crash here for as long as you want…” He kept looking directly into my eyes and this was driving me crazy, I needed to touch him, to kiss him, he was being so nice, he was so charming and handsome. Oh, my god! “You are my best friend, bro…”

And then I lost myself, I hurried towards him, stepping out of my tight pants, stumbling on the damn heels she made me wear. I needed his arms around me, I needed his lips on me, worse than that, I wanted him inside me. I jumped over him eagerly, he hesitated a little, but quickly gave up, receiving my body, my lips. “I guess I’m not your bro anymore…” I whispered in his ears.


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