I want to understand

Brian was always close with his niece Amy. He spend a lot of time playing with her and it always made him happy when Amy called him the best uncle. But as Amy started to grow up they spend less time together. Amy was more focused on her friends rather than uncle. Brian wanted to understand why teenagers are always getting so distant from their family so he went to the Spells’ R Us to seek help. The lady offered him some strange looking potion. She told him it will definitely help him so Brian bought it. At the evening, before going to bed Brian drank it.

The next day Brian was shocked. The potion changed him into a teenage girl. Confused and scared Brian grabbed his phone and called Amy. 15 minutes later Amy came to his house and comforted him. She told him everything will be fine and it’s probably only temporary.
Days were passing and Brian was still a girl. It looked like he will have to accept his new body. It was a traumatic expirience but luckily Amy was there the whole time and helped him. After six weeks of being a girl Brian slowly was recovering from the shock. He started to dress up in girls clothes and act like one. Amy decided its time to change his name. Brian agreed and from this day he was Brianna and they became best friends.

Looking at Brianna right now Amy had it hard to belive that a few years ago this adorable girl was her uncle who was carring her on his back. Now they were the same age and soon they will be in the same class. Brianna had adjusted to this body and she was able to finally enjoy life once again. The potion really did work. Brianna was able to understand teenagers, after all she was one of them.


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