My situation

If you’re ever wondering how much of bad luck can a person have you should ask me. I was a Teenage boy until the fateful day when i swapped bodies with my mom. We didn’t know how it happened and worse we didn’t knew how to reverse it. It looked like i was stuck. Our whole family was shocked, especially my dad who was now my husband. I tried to make the best of this situation since i had no chance to get my old life back. I did a good job as a mother, my younger sister treated me like i was really her mom and my mom now in my body helped me a lot in my new role. The problem was being a wife. No matter what i couldn’t get close with my “Husband” and our family was tearing apart. I told him i could be his wife if he just let me, it was the least i could do to remain a family and i was ready to sacrifice myself, even if that means sleeping with him. But he couldn’t relate with me and soon he filed for divorce. He let me stay in our house but i knew it won’t work so i rented a small apartament and moved out.

Time was healing the wounds and soon i was able to enjoy my life again. Being an adult woman wasn’t so bad as i thought at first. I sorted out my problems and buried my past. I was now Julia Smith. Later i meet Paul. He was a very nice man so we started dating. We were getting close to eachother and fell in love. My first time as a woman was incredible, Paul was a great lover.

It was a year since the accident. I’m really happy with my life right now. i often visit my children, no matter who i was before i’m their mother now. Sometimes i even think of having another one, this time with Paul. I’m sure he will propose to me soon and i just can’t wait to start a family with him.


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