A Mind of Their Own Returned 4

“You know, it’s kind of lonely,” we heard Bobbi say.
“What are you talking about? What about your friends, Tori and Carol? They certainly love to play with us, no, me.” It was hard to keep my single consciousness. I was slipping further into my split mind by the day.
“Me?” Bobbi said with sass. “Now which tit said that, this one-” She lifted my right half, and squeezed it. I felt my flesh squishing between her fingers. “Or this one-” She let our right half fall, and grabbed at left side, squeezing that side of us too.
“It was both of us!” we shouted, and she let our left side drop with a slap.
“Good. Remember: you aren’t one anymore. You’re my girls. And speaking of girls, Tori and Carol are great, but you know what would make them even better? Giving them their boobs back, and giving them a mind of their own too. They are my breast friends, after all…” Bobbi said threateningly, tucking us into a bra before putting on the rest of her clothes. I heard the front door slam, and I wobbled slightly in the constricting garment. I knew we were going back to the witch…


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