How both of my dreams came true

I have always been a lover of professional wrestling. The pageantry, the drama, the athleticism, all took me in and never let me go, to the point where I knew I had to be a part of it. Then of course, I couldn’t. I was a beanpole with no muscle to speak of and this plight only added to one I had already been dealing with my whole life, I wanted to be a woman. As if the first fact was not severe, the second one was just a punch in the gut to add to what I was already dealing with, spiraling me out into a depression.

One day I was searching as I usually did googling “body swap real,” and things of that nature until a website I never seen before popped up. I had tried every last website, from the scammers claiming to be black magicians to those who post “spells” on with no effect and I figured “eh, what the hell.” Typing in what I wanted first and foremost to be a woman and receiving an email within an hour or so, I waited for the other shoe to drop, but it didn’t. No asking for money, no false promises, no…anything really as I went to bed skeptical, but still in my heart of hearts hoping for my dream to come true.

Flash forward years later. I have trained my body to take all the pains of the ring, I have sculpted my figure to be as strong and as sexy as I could possibly handle. I am a woman first and foremost and now I am a wrestler as well. My life forever changed when I woke up that day as the work began from taking this blonde Mexican woman whose body I now would call my own for the rest of my life, turning her from a cute girl certainly, but into a goddess of the ring. The love I receive from the audience, the knowing I had taken the life that should’ve been mine all along and turning into what I truly wanted. Part superhero, part actress, part stuntwoman, part role model and all woman. And I love every moment of it.


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