A Mind of Their Own Friends

“Wow! I can’t believe you managed to give us out tits back!” Tori, or maybe Carol, said to Bobbi. “I thought they’d be gone for-hey, who said that?”
“M-my breasts just talked!” it was already too late for them. We knew Bobbi would be smirking right now, reveling in what she had done. Soon, Tori and Carol would be just like us: two fat globes on our mistress’s chest.
“That’s right,” Bobbi said finally. “Your tits are alive: they have minds of their own now, just like mine.”
“Bobbi, what are you talking about?” Carol said.
“Just wait and see. I had the witch give you both a particularly potent dose.”
“Hey, hands off!” one of the girls shouted. She must have grabbed her breasts. Bobbi wasn’t kidding, it was much more potent for them.
“No, no…” the other girl mumbled. “I feel so…loose… so…fat. So-uhhh…” I can only assume she reached up to her chest, the first pleasure overtaking her speech. “So free…” her voice continued, though with a different tone. “Finally, we’re free… Now… now SHE’S the tits!”
“Aaaaahhhhh…” Tori finally said after so much silence, obviously deep in pleasure. “Mmm… I-I’m in control now… now I can shove my fingers inside HER,” Tori chuckled.
“What’s she talking about?” we asked Bobbi, who voiced our question.
“You two were just their tits,” Tori replied. “Do you know how hard is is being a fucking vagina?!” The spell must have gone somewhere else for her…
“But now Tori is going to learn how hard it is. Maybe I’ll get her waxed this week, see how she likes it? Or maybe…yes…”
“What?” Bobbi asked.
“I’m going to go get fucked. Who knows, maybe in a few months something will be coming out of her…” Tori’s body ran away, and I knew Bobbi ran after her, because I felt myself flopping everywhere. “Wait for us!” Carol’s tits shouted with her mouth. This wasn’t going to be good for us, Tori, or Carol…


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