Chain of Command

If you are a soldier, you obey orders.

Our four person detail was marooned for the winter in an Antarctic outpost. We had enough food and our shelter was warm, but cabin fever was always a danger, especially when Nurse Hubbard was evacuated right before the storms set in.

As lieutenant in command, I radioed HQ about our situation as a marooned all male unit. They instructed me to open the emergency kit and told me that once it was opened, I would need to do my duty all winter.

I was enveloped with a vapor when i opened the kit, and my new commanding role as Lt. Emily Wilson became clear.

When Corporal Johnson saw me, he said “wow!” but properly respected my authority. He said, “Permission to fuck you long and hard, Lieutenant?” Of course I said, “Permission granted. Do your job well, soldier.”

He did. I am sure the two privates will be equally skilled and conscientious, every day.


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