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Andy couldn’t believe it. He had become Andrea due to a foolish dare. He never anticipated he, she, would be be squatting on the side of the road desperately urinating. Andrea was unsure of what to do. It wasn’t something Andy had experience in. She slipped her jeans down and gently squatted. Then the oozing warm liquid fired out her pussy like a cannon. She was intrigued by this flow and never had urine been so interesting. Wow, being a girl is definitely different thought Andrea.


I just love hitchhicking. I feel like I have changed so many lifes. Usually I wait on the road for a couple of hours, until I see my next victim. I raise my arm, asking for a ride, and I always get picked up. After having a conversation with the driver, I ask him if he wants me to drive for a while. They always say yes. And after a few minutes later, I cast a spell on them, transforming them into a cute woman. Sometimes blonde, others redhead, others latina. I love trying different spells, and just hopping for the best. Read more