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With her help

It’s been quite hard. Although it happened exactly two weeks ago, it does feels like an eternity. I still don’t know why, but one morning I woke up to a whole different life. Imagine being half asleep, reaching down there to scratch your equipment, and finding a pussy instead of a cock; that’s what happened to me. It was a scary realization, and it was even worse when I looked at myself in the mirror. Appart from my short hair, I looked exactly as a woman. Big breasts and all. If it wasn’t me on that reflection, I would want to date and have sex with “that” woman. Read more


I just love hitchhicking. I feel like I have changed so many lifes. Usually I wait on the road for a couple of hours, until I see my next victim. I raise my arm, asking for a ride, and I always get picked up. After having a conversation with the driver, I ask him if he wants me to drive for a while. They always say yes. And after a few minutes later, I cast a spell on them, transforming them into a cute woman. Sometimes blonde, others redhead, others latina. I love trying different spells, and just hopping for the best. Read more

The birthday party

My friend Amy hated having her birthday celebrated at her office. “All the men want to hug me and kiss me” she said, “and I hate that! please please, go instead of me!” A few years ago we found a spellbook that would allow us to exchange bodies for a day. Exactly 24 hours later we would be back to our own bodies. Read more