His friend’s are going to love him

Morgan’s phone buzzed loudly. He smirked and reached over and picked it up.

“Morgan where are you!?” A high pitched voice shouted as soon as he answered.

“Uhh, just relaxing around the resort.” Morgan said and giggled silently.

“Well get back to our room! We’re leaving! Turns out not only can they not undo the spell that their stupid, stroke having wizard cast, they aren’t even contractually obligated to!”

“Jeez dad, don’t get so bent out of shape. It was your idea for us all to come here and learn about life on the other side of the fence.” Morgan replied.

“Yeah, but not permanently! Think of all the looks we’re going to get when we get home! We’re going to have to explain to everyone that this was an accident! They’ll all treat us weird!” His father shouted.

“Relax dad. What’s mom think?” Morgan replied.

“She’s just laughing and saying that this served me right for taking us all here! I almost think she likes being a man! And Kaylee… God, I walked in on her masturbating!”

“Well, fourteen year old boys do that. I sure did. I bet you did too.”

“That’s not the point! I wanted us all to learn something and then go back to normal! Son, get back to our room, pronto! We’re leaving before this place charges us for another day!” His father screamed in a high pitched voice and then the phone went dead. Morgan put it down and sighed.

“So you’re leaving? And you’re stuck?” Francine asked. “Lucky.”

“Yeah, too bad you live on the other side of the country and are going to go back to being a girl at the end of the week. You’re a lot of fun.” Morgan said feeling Francine’s cum dripping down his chin. Being friends with Francine had turned into a doubly rewarding experience. First, Francine showed him how good it was when a guy went down on you as a chick. Second, as payback, Morgan had learned how much fun sucking dick was.

“So… you wanna fuck in the shower before you head out? You could use one?” Francine asked.

“A fuck or a shower?” Morgan asked and wiped some of the cum from her chest with her fingers and brought it to her mouth and tasted it.

“Both.” Francine said, her cock getting hard again before Morgan’s eyes, “Man, all your old friends are going to love you.”

Morgan grinned, thinking about the incredible amount of sex he was going to have now, even if it would mostly be with his old friends. He wondered if their cum would taste different than Francine’s.

“Let’s do it.” Morgan smirked. He never imagined he’d loose his virginity getting his pussy plowed in a shower at a resort, but it was definitely a memory he’d cherish forever.


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