Prefect Match

My friends kept telling me about this new dating site. You’ll love it they said. Its better than tinder they said. My friends Kyle even sent me an with a free trial to help get me started. Clicking the email I was taken to They weren’t kidding this is easy it didn’t ask for my personal information. Must be Kyle filled it out for me. The screen read click to find your prefect match. Text appeard on the screen Searching… Trial account detected. Match found! loading parameters from your date Kyle’s profile. wait! what?! my date Kyle. Parameters are the following 5’2″ brunette named Cali.The screen flashed and I couldn’t turn away my eyelids grew heavy. I awoke to knocking on the door. Opening the door I found package for me! It was full of everything I need for my date with that handsome guy Kyle from prefect match. I usually didn’t invite them back to my place on a first date but It seemed like Kyle and I had know each other for years. As you can see my friends were right I did love prefect match.


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