Goddess Pose

I’ll admit it, I mocked my sister for getting so caught up with yoga. I told her that she needed to do some real exercise to change her life. She finally got so annoyed that she dared me to try one class.

I figured checking out all the girls in yoga pants would not be the worst thing ever. So I accepted the challenge.

It was a lot harder than I thought, and all the girls in the room made me look silly. Then the teacher called out for us to go into Goddess pose. I knew the poses had weird names, so I just followed what all the others were doing.

“Now unleash the energy of your inner goddess”

My vision went blurry, and I felt like passing out. So I sat down on the mat. Little by little I felt the energy of the room flow into me. Without control I began to repeat to myself “I am a goddess”. My mind screamed, until my mind was filled with the same phrase.

I watched as my body shifted to reflect my new feminine essence. Shorts became skin tight yoga pants, showing me that I was most certainly a woman now. I noticed a cute pink sports bra covering my perky new boobs.

The teacher came over, leaned in and embraced me. “You did so great for your first class girl! I hope you come back again tomorrow”.

In the back of my head my male essence screamed for escape. But the goddess would not let her.

And I have come back, Yoga keeps me in good shape. I am a goddess.


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