Hiding a Straight Secret

I felt my girlfriend grope my breast as I awoke. Yep, this would be day 38 as a girl after contracting a nasty case of the Gender Flu. Not to worry, this virus has extremely low chances of being contagious, not that I would mind if my girlfriend go it. Don’t get me wrong, her effort to be sensual with me is awesome, especially since she is thoroughly straight. I really never knew my chest could be an erogenous zone! But I pinch myself every time I admit this, I think I am straight too, for a woman that is. I haven’t told her, nor do I think I will. Hell, I don’t even know if our relationship could survive that admission even once I turn back to normal. I love hearing her pant as we mutually handle each other with dildos, but my fondness for that nowadays is more out of mutual affection rather than romantic passion. Meanwhile my eyes are shut as she plunges the vibrating dildo inside of me, my mind wandering to what it would be like if she got the Gender Flu and was pounding away at me. Even kissing is a chore, she doesn’t taste nearly as good to me as she used to and guiltingly I feel some antipathy kissing another woman. Yes, I’ve accepted that fact, and I had to get a temporary driver’s license reflecting my new form.

Not all is bad hiding this secret. She doesn’t want to be seen in public involved with a woman. All is right with me, as it feels natural to treat her as just a friend. No longer inclined to have my mind drift to sexual pursuits, I am way more willing to split the check with her on our outings and I even forget to open the door for her. Maybe chivalry is dead, at least when you get a Gender Flu.

Little did I know that later on she would take notice after I politely refused to eat her out, one of my old pastimes. She called me out, and I admitted how hunky I was finding guys and how blah I found women to be. There was a lot of arguing and I was in dog town though my sexual orientation was beyond my control. So what did she do when I hit the 100 day mark as a woman and it became obvious I wasn’t changing back? The Mars Clinic of course. Damn, I have the best boyfriend.


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