Helping Family

So my wife was upset because her brother needed a date to take to a conference. She said the girl who was supposed to go had an emergency. She said she wish she could go with him but that would be really weird. I agreed and said i wish i could help out. She then said do i really mean that, I sure i do, its family you know. She said great you can just close your eyes. I laughed and said ok. Then she said some stranges words and i kinda felt really different. Open my eyes and yes I was right, not only did I change but try I was now a women. At first I wasn’t to happy of the Idea be his date, but i did say i would help. She said don’t worry my pretty head about it that she can change me back tomorrow. I said Ok fine, but the strange thing about this i felt like I have always been like this, she said she wanted me to be comfortable and she added that to the spell. So off i want with her brother and i have to admit i was having a great time. This body got drunk so easy and i was feeling no pain and being just a girl. So when it was over i went back to his house so not to wake up my wife at 2 am. Then it just happened…. We started kissing and my pussy was so wet and horny that i mounted him and rode all night long. I just wanted it deeper and deeper in me and OMG…….. The next day we realized What we had done, not that i didn’t love it, i mean i was a girl with needs. Now How do we explain this to my wife……


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