“That’s it, you can feel it can’t you?” He grunted as I felt his hot seed flowing into me.

“No…” I gasped as I felt the spell finishing it’s work, closing the gap between my flesh and my mind. He’d told me everything when he was ravishing my body, how he had turned me into his new pet, and once he came inside me, I would be fully his. I didn’t want to believe it, even as I felt his hardness driving into me, filling me in a way that only a woman could be filled.

“Oh, yes.” He held me tight as I squirmed against his penetrating shaft. The raw power of it, stretching me open in the most intimate way made it so hard to deny everything else.

I had a life, a girlfriend. I was going to be somebody! I shuddered as I felt my thoughts twisting inside me, shifting to the new horrible reality he wanted for me. I liked being a man! I did…

But it was all slipping away. I could feel it going, and yet I wasn’t quite sure what I’d lost. I heard myself gasp, a very feminine, very lustful sound that suddenly felt so right. I felt his collar around my neck, my leash pressing into my soft chest and I moaned again. I was a pet. I was his pet. I knew somehow that it was wrong, that I shouldn’t be like this.

“Oh… oh master…” I cooed as I felt him throbbing hard inside me. Even after he came, he was still ready for more. The very thought excited me. I shouldn’t, I knew I should be disgusted, horrified by being used again, but that was simply the last of my intellect holding on against the wave of changes sweeping through me. A vain hope that I could resist the sudden rush of emotion overtaking me.

“Yes, my pet?” He slid his hands up and caressed my softness. I loved the way it felt, the way he stroked my like I really was just his toy. My whole body flared with new heat as I reveled in the strange notion of being his plaything. How could I resist this?

“Please… master… please use me again…” I heard the echo of my soft pleading tones in my ear. It was as far from a demand as any pet girl could get. Somehow I knew my master would grant my humble request, now and forever more.


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