Happy now living his lesbian lifestyle

After a night of mediocre sex with Sarah a girl he picked up in a bar Sidney found himself strapped up to a portable and illegal body swapping device.

He could not help himself from screaming as his consciousness was ripped out of his body and he found himself in the woman’s body he had spent the night with.

It took him almost an hour to acclimatize to his new body.

When he was able to speak he screamed out why did you do this to me?

The person who was now in his body just said it was just the luck of the draw you were the first guy to offer me a drink and I let you screw me before I did this.

All Sydney could say in his sweet feminine voice was why did you want to be a man you were a good looking woman Sarah?

Which made Sarah laugh out loud.

My real name is Frank I am a 45 year old man who thought it would be fun to become a young woman and bought the body you are now in on the illegal black market.

I cannot say it was all bad there was some fun times with that body I just missed being a man.

About an hour later Sidney saw his body leaving the room whilst he was still strapped to the bed he was found by a maid and untied the next day & called the police to report the theft as he was not the first man or woman this had happened to and there was even a section of the police force now dealing with these crimes .

Almost 1 month after what had happened to him he claimed back his property and return to work not feeling confident in his new female body.

He was surprised by all the support and help he got a specially from the office girls.

As he grew into his new body he discovered he still had a taste for the female form and it was not long before he started a relationship with his secretary who like to make love in the freakiest of places.

He discovered so much he loved about his new body that when the police tracked down his original body he did not want it back especially when he saw the state it was in as he was happy now living his lesbian lifestyle & just being another one of the girls.


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