Not a woman again

Jim was a scientist before one of his inventions exploded and killed his body and left his consciousness as pure energy floating about.

Just like Quantum Leap Jim had no control over where his energy went and he found himself in some very strange situations and places.

Like tonight when he found himself in the body of a young woman which was now the 6th woman he had been in the last 4 months since his death.

He screamed out what the fuck am I supposed to do with these as he grabbed hold of the two breasts that were now on his chest before running his slender fingers through his shoulder length blonde hair and let out a moan of frustration.

Once again he found himself in somebody else’s body with no idea where he was or who he was & no idea how long he was going to be this person.

As a male voice from somewhere outside the room he found himself in shouted are you ready yet we’re going to be late why does it take you so long to get ready.

All Jim could do was walk out of the room on his 4 inch spiked high heels doing his best not to fall over and carefully descended the stairs to the waiting man who was holding out a fur coat for him.

He later found out over a romantic dinner when the man gave him a box with a pair of diamond earrings in that this couple were celebrating there 3rd wedding anniversary which meant the man was expecting a lot more than just sharing a slice of chocolate cake for dessert.


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