Ever since this strange swap, things have been getting weird. One day, I’m a man with a loving girlfriend, the next day I find myself in my girlfriend Anna’s body! That’s not the worst though. Apparently, one of my friend, Jack, was now in my body, leaving Anna in his…

After thinking about what to do, we decided to pretend like nothing happened, and wait to see if this thing would undo itself somehow. We weren’t convinced this plan would work, but what solution did we have? People would think we had gone crazy otherwise.

I kept in touch with my girlfriend, who told me everything was going ok. She had a hard time pretending to be Jack, especially with his girlfriend, but things were starting to get more and more normal.
I told her everything was fine with me, but I must have sounded doubtful. She asked me what was wrong, and I confessed I was starting to get horny, and as stupid as it may sound, I was starting to get attracted to my old body.
There was a silence. She sighed and told me she didn’t want to speak about this that soon but she admitted that she had already had sex with Jack’s girlfriend, and that she was starting to get used to be in this body.
That came as a shock to me, but I could understand. I couldn’t see how we would swap back one day…

That night, I flirted with Jack in my body, and told him how I was feeling. He was the real gentleman. Ever since then, we have been a perfectly happy couple.

A few months later, after having dinner with “Jack” and his girlfriend, my boyfriend confessed that he was behind the swap.
Had I known sooner, I would have killed him. But now… I am grateful to be his girlfriend.


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