Her Revenge (Part 2)

I played with myself wrapped in a towel for a moment and realized I had a greater opportunity at hand. I found a dildo that my ex had left at my apartment and suctioned it to the wall. As I tried to get myself into position, the dildo kept sliding off the wall.

I found a nearby mirror and got it suctioned on. I got myself into position and found it was harder to get in than I would have expected. I was certainly we enough but I realized that the dildo was dry. I thought I could spit on it but for some reason, the thought jumped into my head that I should suck on the dildo for a minute or two. I took the dildo in my mouth and was surprised at how cold it felt. I know it is just plastic but it certainly didn’t feel like my cock, well what I remember my cock feeling like.

Once it was sufficiently lubed up, I began to get myself into position. I wasn’t too sure of how this would go but I ceartinly knew this ought to feel good. My pussy was tingling with excitement and it almost felt like there was an emptyness that I wanted to fill. The feeling is hard to describe but the closest I can think of is the feeling similar to hunger.

I pressed myself back and began to feel my new lips part. My pussy began to stretch and I started to wonder if this was too big of a dildo to start. I began to get concerned this wasn’t going to work. My pussy was stretching to what felt it’s absolute limits and I knew I wasn’t very far down the dildo. I began to convince myself that I would have to continue my discovering of this body in another way when I was startled.

I heard the door slam at the front of my house and Jeff calling me to see if I was ok after talking to my crazy Ex last night. Instead of pushing myself off, my muscles clenched and I pushed myself back, impaling myself on the dildo. Just as I was getting myself back off the dildo, he walked in.

This is going to get interesting…


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