An Inside Source

Steve and Jimmy had the best idea ever. OK, maybe not, but in the heat of the moment it seemed that way.

As writers, they were hoping make the school paper. And what better way than to have an inside source in the most popular sorority on campus? They went to Jimmy’s grandmother’s house and got what they needed to cast the spell. They flipped a coin. Steve lost, so he got changed by the spell. Ten minutes alter, and Haley Campbell, Jimmy’s cousin, was born.

Little did either of them realize tat they’d accidentally overdone it. By a huge magnitude. They’d accidentally altered reality itself, in fact. Haley had been puzzled at first, but she knew Jimmy well enough to cut him off before he could utter a single blonde joke. After all, he still believed in magic!

As Jimmy and Haley realized that they were going to be late fro college orientation and bolted for the bus stop, somewhere, an old lady began to laugh.


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