Grass is always greener

John checked himself out in the mirror and adjusted his hair. The rings had worked perfectly. He had given one of the Rings of Reversal to his sister Sarah and had worn the other one himself as he went to sleep. Just as he hoped, Sarah had put it on and John was now in her body. Now all he had to do was go to her work and pick up her paycheck. Then he could buy that new console game he desperately wanted and couldn’t afford.

John turned and checked himself out in the mirror one last time. Even though it was kind of creepy to think about – much less admit – he couldn’t deny that his sister’s body was hot. John understood why Sarah worked at the strip club and why she made so much money there. She must have been raking it in and should have been pretty well off – but she wasted her money on silly things like her tattoo and expensive clothes. That was why Sarah had to move back in with her mother and younger brother.

But Sarah’s loss was John’s gain. After purchasing the body swapping Rings of Reversal at the strange magic shop in the mall for just a few dollars, John now had the opportunity to get some real money and buy that new console game. He just had to go to the strip club and collect his sister’s paycheck.

As John walked past his room he stopped to check out his own male body, peacefully sleeping in his bed. Before slipping the ring on his finger John taken a lot of sleeping pills to ensure that Sarah didn’t cause any problems in his body. After he finished cashing her paycheck, John planned to swap back into his own body before the drugs wore off. Sarah would wake up in her own body the next morning none the wiser, never understanding what happened to her last paycheck. Then again, Sarah was so bad managing her money she would probably never miss it.

But at the strip club John ran into a problem. The manager refused to give him Sarah’s paycheck until after John worked her shift that night. It was a little awkward at first, but after relaxing and letting Sarah’s body take control and do what comes naturally, John began to have a little fun. He was quite good, too. The tips rolled in and the other girls complimented John on his skills. By the time the club closed in the early morning John had earned more in tips than Sarah’s meager paycheck for the whole week.

John was a little surprised to see daylight when he left the club. How long had he been working? It didn’t matter. He had earned enough money for a whole new game system as well as a smorgasbord of new games. It was worth it.

He felt a little awkward walking into the kitchen while his mother was preparing breakfast.

“Good morning, honey. Would you like some breakfast? John just finished but there still should be some eggs,” said his mother.

John’s heart stopped cold and his jaw dropped. He had almost forgotten about his old body. His sister must have been pissed.

“Um, where is John?” he asked nervously.

“Oh, he decided to move into the college dorms. He said it would help him focus on his studies, so I advanced him some money for the deposit. He even promised to give up his games and left them behind. Can you believe it?”

John didn’t bother to answer. He just took off running, almost tripping in his platform shoes as he made his way to his bedroom. Sarah and his old body were gone, as well as most of his clothes and his college textbooks. The only thing she seemed to have left behind was his gaming console and a note that read:

‘If you like my body and my life so much, you can keep it. I’ll take yours.’

John was shocked. He looked for the magic rings in vain. Sarah either took them with her or threw them away. He was stuck. But as he looked at the large wad of money in his hand, John decided it might not be that bad. He could get all the games he wanted now, after just a little bit of work. Work that he kind of enjoyed. It wouldn’t be a bad life.

John sat down and began to play one of his old games on the console Sarah had left behind.


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