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Grass is always greener

John checked himself out in the mirror and adjusted his hair. The rings had worked perfectly. He had given one of the Rings of Reversal to his sister Sarah and had worn the other one himself as he went to sleep. Just as he hoped, Sarah had put it on and John was now in her body. Now all he had to do was go to her work and pick up her paycheck. Then he could buy that new console game he desperately wanted and couldn’t afford. Read more

Reversal Rings: Stealing a new life

I went through the plan once again in my mind.
“Empty your pockets from anything that might identify you” – Check.
“Place the ring where she can see it when she walks to the car” – Check.
“Stay in wait on the other side of the fence to give myself a headstart” – Check
“Stand ready with the other ring”. I padded my pocket. Check. Read more