Gotta love ads sometimes

It was the day after summer and I wanted to hang out with some friends over the summertime even if its just playing video games. Since I’m one of those bums who needs ideas I decide to look on the internet because if that fails you always have friends opinions, family, even people at resteraunt you don’t know. I typed in the search bar “great places to go with friends.”

I hit enter and many things came up like go here with your friends or 10 ten places to go with family and friends. I hit the top ten places to go with family and friends and of course the number one option because it was the summer, was the beach. It was updated yesterday which seemed funny to me, I kept scrolling down and I came across the arcade, resteraunts, certain states to go too. I thought to myself what my friends would want and since I live in Arizona it was really hot so the beach it was.

I hovered my mouse over the red rectangle with a white x in the top right corner then clicked it because I was done. Of course since it was a website I never knew it had to have fucking ads. When I hit the x again it went to another ad, this happened to me 5 times and when I was through with it I saw another ad and I was like going to break my monitor but this wasn’t your ordinary ad.

Since I was gulible I hit this ad and it was get to know someone else. It brought me to a page where it said welcome to our website, you are the luckiest SOUL alive to have been chosen for this website. What happens when you type your name and where you are is permanent, and remember, when you hit x you can’t go in search history and get it again. It will be gone forever so leave this up, I read that and it creeped me out so I had to call my friends to see if I was doing to the right thing.

I called my two friends since college Steven and joe, they lived a normal amount of distance from a friends house because Steven took 20 minutes and joe took 39 minutes to get to my house. Joe was the last one to enter my house, i go upstairs to where my room was and they followed me and I sat down in my chair and showed it to them. They thought it was pretty suspicious that the word would was capitalized out of all the words. I told them I would see what this was so I typed my name, then I typed in where I lived which was in Arizona, then I had to type what moniter I was using.

I was unwind a Benq monitor when I hit enter I thought nothing happened, but when I got out of my chair I had no legs And I looked at my friends who were shocked, and when I mean shocked I mean they were starting to kind of freak out because sites like this or weird I go like this happen they think it’s a prank. But since my friends Steven is all about it has to be scientific he deicided to try it out and when he did he saw me. He asked me what was happening and I didn’t know, joe was the last person to do it after it took 5 minutes of him saying i can do it.

When we all seeing each other a message appeared on my screen. I looked at it and it said we are now ghosts and if we want to be human we say our names two times, three times to become a ghost. I asked them if we want to go to the beach and they agreed, when we tried to go downstairs I quickly remember that we were ghosts so I turned around them jumped off of my house then I was flying. I go in the house again and tell them we can fly, I think being a ghost is awesome, I could fly to my work, check out secrets people keep from me.

I lead them to the beach which took minutes because of us flying. We hovered near the docks, I saw a huge patio which seemed like it was for a person so I said to joe and Steven to meet at that dock in thirty minutes. They said ok then flew to where the sand was, for me I flew down to the dock was and I saw a black girl in a black bikini sitting on a white couch. I didn’t know how possession worked so I just flew straight at her.

When I first possessed her I felt different feelings, I felt the sensation of long hair, I felt a little bit of weight on my chest, and I felt a different sensation where my private parts were. I stood up then looked to the right and I saw a locked wooden fence gate, so this area was for this girls group only so this was nice. I walk into the house that was in front of me and locked the sliding door. I saw a door to the front of the house so I jogged over there and locked that too.

Since there’s a chance that this girls body has company I should check out myself somewhere private. I walk around opening rooms and I saw a room that had a duffle bag so I walked in and opened it and it was full of bikinis, bras, underwear, dresses, clothes, and socks. I walk over to the door and close it and lock it, I walk over to the duffle bag and bucked up a pair of pink panties and put it against my nose and stared to sniff it.

It smelled so good, I couldn’t help but hack off but I forgot I was a girl so I just rubbed my crotch. It felt nice, instead of continuing to rub over my bikini I slip my hand underneath it and stuck a finger in and rolled it around. It felt so weird I felt the pleasure near my legs and I’m used to it being in front of all of those areas. I put down the panties I was sniffing I hesitated to touch my boob and when I did it seemed fun because it was like the pillow I had. It was soft and firm at the same time, my hand I was using to finger myself got tired to spwhat I did was take off my whole entire bikini and just looked at my naked body.

I saw her nipples, her pussy line, and when I turned around, her juicy ass. I couldn’t help but smack it a little, even grab it, it felt so nice. I push the duffle bag on the ground then i jumped onto the bed, I felt something warm and it was the girls phone I tossed on it. I open it and fifteen minutes have passed. I needed to climax and have fun fast before I meet my friends. I began to feel my boobs which both hands and it was nice, while feeling my boobs I remember in a porn I watched they usually slip there hand down so as I was groping my tits I run my hand down my smooth body and shoved my finger in deep which made me pull my back up and gasp.

As I finger myself I change my plans with feeling the boobs, I start to pinch my nipples and it was hard with one hand getting them erect but when I did I started to run my hand against one after the other feeling nipple pleasure. Cumming in a girl I didn’t know how but I felt the same sensation I felt when I came in my boyish self so I did everything faster, I fingered myself faster, I drooled on my boobs then started to pinch my nipple. I felt it then I felt the saw satin I normally felt.

I let go of this pressure and cum goes out and onto the bed and a little bit on my finger. I got out of the bed and stood up catching my breath, when I sat down on the bed I felt something cold, and when I sat up it was the cum I made from different pleasure. I looked at my butt and I saw two white circles on my butt cheeks so to make it look nice I put both of my hands in the drying cum then smear it on my butt making it look brighter.

Every girl masturbation porno or at least some of them they taste their own cum for some reason, and even after that they continue to cum while moaning. I looked at my hand covered in white thick cum now I give it a lick and it tasted terrible but for some reason my body liked it. I heard a doorbell ring and I panicked a little, if it was family I needed them to leave so I rubbed the rest of my cum on my boobs and the extra on my face. I unlocked the door and walked to the door and I peeked through the glass circle on the door and it was a topless Asian girl getting her boobs sucked by a brunette.

I open the door and see the, both look at me weirdly, they both asked what was on me. I said cum then they told me they should have done that as they walked inside. As they walked inside I closed the door then Steven and joe sat on the brown couch. I pulled up a chair and sat in it, joe came up with the best idea for a person who just learned possession. He said that we should try our bodies we chose, then Steven suggested we should take nudes with our original phones. I suggested that we should write on notes on our phone where we live so if we want a certain taste or fetish at the time we could get it.

They agreed, after this moment we started calling these possession parties. And what they were is every Friday we be ghosts as a group and possess any hot person we want, then we go to a place and before we masturbate the shit with our bodies, we find out information about ourselves. I just have to love the website which let me do this because this is a to die for experience.


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