Going through some changes

I knew he was trying to fight it. But the fact that he had been cursed to be a woman for a month was no easy task for my roommate. He tried to fight it, he tried to act manly, but his female instinct was taking over. I caught him one day watching a chick flick, when he saw me walk in, he changed the channel and pretended to be watching an action movie. A few days later, I saw him trying some sexy lingerie. One day he started refering to himself as a she, so I called him Amy, and he just smiled.

I knew it wouldn’t be long until she would want to experience sex from that perspective. So one day I cooked her dinner, and gave her a back massage. She took her blouse off, and asked me too take her bra off. “I know you must be wondering how much of a woman I am?” she asked while unzipping my pants. In a matter of seconds we were both naked. She got on all fours, and put her wet pussy right in front of my face. Gently I guided my equipment inside of her. I heard a short and soft moan coming from her. “Feels good” she said. I started thrusting in and out slowly, she continued moaning, each time louder than the last. “More more! Come inside me!” She didn’t have to say so, that was my intention all along.

When I found out my roommate had been cursed, I did a lot of research. I never learned who cursed him; however, I learned that the curse would take place for exactly 30 days. And the only way to make it permanent, would be for him to accept her newself. I started leaving subliminal messages on her, leaving chick flicks ready for her to watch, hiding sexy clothes in her drawer, I even had her go shopping with my sister. Anything I could do to make her more comfortable. And finally, when she stopped calling herself a “he” I knew she was ready. Now that we are having sex, I know she will be a woman for the rest of her life, and hopefully she would want to be my girlfriend.


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