Going Down on It and Having It

As Henry agreed to go down on his girlfriend Lana, caressing her nylon clad sexy legs, she knew Henry was a bit reluctant, and he didn’t realize she was bi. Thinking he needed to understand women better, Lana changed Henry into a sexy chick in a short skirt and shiny pantyhose, with big boobs, a nice round ass, and silky long hair.

As Henry caressed his girlfriend’s legs in anticipation of “eating her out”, he realized he felt different, and rightfully so. He was now a busty brunette wearing nylons as well, and with the same equipment as HER girlfriend. She smiled at her new girlfriend, and winked.

Miss Lana said, “Welcome to my world, Harriet, nice outfit by the way, and I’ll show you why it feels so good to be eaten out. You will make a lovely girlfriend, instead of a measly boyfriend. Tell me your boobs don’t feel good, your wide hips feel nice, your big ass feel wonderful, you r sexy pantyhose feel exquisitely feminine and sexy, and your new pussy tremendously awesome.. Tell me once I eat you out, that it’s so bad to be a woman? I bet you’ll love it.”

“Oh shut up Lana, eat me out, this is amazing, and I’m Harriet now, your hot girlfriend, take me baby,” said Harriet smiling and already rubbing her clit through the hose.

“I thought you would never ask, sweet stuff,” said Lana smiling.


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