Nervous at first but things usually works out

Jeff looked in amazement at the woman in front of him. She twirled round and round just to give him the best view of her body he could get.

“You like?”, she asked him after she stopped moving around and jutted out her hip instead.
“Because I know I do. Just look at that ass”, she said and slapped her butt, sending ripples over her flesh.
Jeff gulped. Being a young man without much experience around women this was overwhelming to say the least.

“It´s your turn now”, the woman said and pressed a stone into Jeff´s palm.
He stared at it, finding it was unbelieable that you could take over other peoples bodies with it. But yet, here they were, with Nigel in the body of a hot babe with very little clothes on her body.
“Remind me again. I hold the stone and jump into them in the back?”
“Almost”, she giggled. “You must press it against their skin first, then jump into their bodies. The stone works as an conduit”.
“Ah, alright”. Jeff looked down on his palms on his hands. They were sweaty and he was nervous.

After a couple of encouraging words from Nigel Jeff headed out from the alley and began to wonder what kind of person he wanted to possess. Or should he just wait for the one that felt right.
He had to factor in Nigel´s female body into the equation. If he went male they could perform sex with each other, but on the other hand he could do that in a female body too. On the other hand again a male body would be dominant over Nigel´s female where a female body would be more like buddies.
He decided he would chose the first one that felt right, regardless of gender.

At an fairly crowded spot Jeff began to scout for his new body.
Men and women of all kinds passed him but none of them really felt interesting enough, and his brain was getting exhausted in the process of classifying all the people that passed him.
And just then two of them appeared at the same time. A man. And a woman.
They came from opposite directions and would pass him about the same time.
He had to decide. Both of them looked like suitable candidates. The man was tall and muscular, with a chiseled jaw and good looks. The woman had a fabolous body with wide hips and thick thighs that complemented her sizeable chest quite well.
They came closer.
Jeff realised one thing which made his choice so much easier.
When his target passed him Jeff touched the stone to the skin and stepped into the body.

Nigel watched her clock and was irritated on how long time it took. She was slightly suprised when a voice called out behind of her: “Nigel! I found one”.
She turned around and saw a buxom blonde babe with a skintight blue dress and high heels.
“Wow”, she said in amazement. “You look stunning”.
“I know”, the other girl giggled. “I had a hard time deciding to take her or a man”.
“Why did you take her?”, a curious Nigel wondered.
“You see, women display everything they have in tight clothes. Men on the other hand, you can´t see the size of their dicks. Risk was that the guy would have a small dick”.
“Never thought about that. Seems logic”, Nigel nodded.

The girls headed out into the city together and turned heads wherever they went. Who could miss two such lovely women walking together. When they got bored they digged into the knowledge their hosts had and spent their money on a hotel.
A spa and a massage made them appreciate their bodies even more.
But the real kicker came when they went into their queen size bed together and explored their bodies even further.


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