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Lover’s Exchange to Happiness

Glen’s girlfriend found out about his secret on their trip to Italy, after a long talk in their hotel room. Always an excellent boyfriend, Glen treated Skyler like a queen, and she consistently felt like she didn’t measure up on her end to his kindness and generosity. He had even paid entirely for their trip, without even asking for a cent from Skyler. She had to admit to herself she was a bit shocked and thrown a curveball when she heard the confession from Glen, not that he cheated or did anything bad, but that he, in fact, wanted to be a she. He wanted to be a woman. Skyler finally asked him a simple question. Read more


Jack was pleased hearing the pilot, Jenna, his girlfriend talk to him on the phone in the plane. However, she told him, that since he thought only men should be pilots and women attendants, that she could fix that. Jack was still smiling when his body was instantly made female, including his male flight attendant uniform. His girlfriend sounded like a dude now, and as he spoke, he heard a gal’s voice! He dropped the phone and stared down, swing a slightly protruding chest, a short skirt, long sexy legs in black stockings, and black flats. Read more

Going Down on It and Having It

As Henry agreed to go down on his girlfriend Lana, caressing her nylon clad sexy legs, she knew Henry was a bit reluctant, and he didn’t realize she was bi. Thinking he needed to understand women better, Lana changed Henry into a sexy chick in a short skirt and shiny pantyhose, with big boobs, a nice round ass, and silky long hair. Read more