Girl’s school @MGtA3rxP

Aron couldn’t belive his luck. He just arrived with his team and he already was asked out by a cute girl. Back at his school girls didn’t seem to take interest in him but here he got a date immidiately. The girl’s name was Madison. She was short and very cute, just like Aron liked. She invited him dancing. Aron couldn’t dance very well but he didn’t care about this small fact. There was bigger problem however. Since he was here to play soccer he didn’t bring andy good clothes along. He took his best t shirt and a pair of jeans, hoping it would be enough and he will not look like a fool.

Aron knocked at the door to Madison’s house. He was getting a little bit nervous. Madison opened the door. It looked like she wasn’t ready, she was still wearing a plain shirt and yoga pants. “Aron! It’s good to see you. Come in we have to prepare” She said. Aron went in and looked around. Madison led him to the living room where two other girls were waiting. Aron looked at them surprised, he thought he would be alone with Madison. “He’s here girls. Now let’s start” Madison said and the girls came closer to him. Aron lost his balance and fell on the floor. After a few minutes of laying she managed to get up. Something was not right, why his body felt so weird. The girls were looking at him with wide grins on their faces. It took him some time to realize why they giggled. Aron was turned into a girl. “You look cute Allyn. I’m sure Mike will gonna like you” Madison said. “Wait! Who is this Mike?” Aron asked. “He is your date” Madison smiled. “My date? But i thought we will go dancing” Aron said. “You will. But with Mike. Now let’s take care of your look. You can’t go out like this” Madison said and grabbed her make up tools. “No way! You’re not going to force me into this” Aron protested. “Are you sure?” Madison asked

Few moments later Aron was sitting on a chair, letting Madison to do his make up. He didn’t know why he didn’t run in the first place. When his make up was finished Aron now Allyn sighed in awe seeing her reflection. Madison gave her a dress and she put it on. “Thank you so much girls. I can’t belive you’re doing this for me” Allyn smiled. “No problem” Madison said and hugged her. “Oh, it must be Mike” Madison said hearing the door bell. “I’m on my way” She went to answer the door. Allyn’s hearth started to pound faster. She was really excited for the dancing with Mike.


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