Girlfriend from a genie

I was walking on the beach when I found a sandy lamp. it looked like some old genie lamp that you saw in movies so I decided to bring it back to my beach house where I was staying with my buddy Kevin.
I set it on the counter and went back outside.

when my walk was over I went back inside and found Kevin sitting over something on the counter.
“what you doing?” I asked him.
“I’m cleaning this lamp that was here… it will be a sweet decoration.” he took the lamp and showed it to me.
it was spotless. when I found it it was sandy and you could barely see the golden tint but now it was shining beautifully.
Kevin was looking at it with a critical eye, then he took a cloth and wiped an unseen smudge off of the head of the lamp.
immediately out of the lamp blue smoke flooded out. then from the smoke, a figure rose.
she had the perfect body. she was slim but curvy. breasts hanging from her chest were those of dreams.
and what she was wearing couldn’t be considered clothes.
just two scraps of cloth that went over her breasts and vagina were incredibly skimpy.

“Greetings master Kevin. my name is arnaia and I am here to grant you one wish. what will it be?”

we stood there, dumbstruck and staring at the skimpy woman who just appeared from a lamp claiming to be a genie.
“do I get a wish too?” I asked hopefully, after all, I was the one who found it.
“No. I only give wishes to ones who summoned me.”
Kevin gave me a mocking smile and looked back at the beauty.

“ummmm…I want to have the perfect girlfriend that’s always ready for sex…and does absolutely everything I tell her to do no matter what.”
“of corse. give me time to prepare your wish”
while she was preparing her magic Kevin came to me.
“dude this will work perfect cause now I could just tell her to fuck you when every you want.”
“I guess… I just feel like you could have done a more powerful wish”
“your spell is done. would you like me to cast it, this is your last chance to change your wish.”
“yes cast it please.”

when my vision cleared I saw him gawking at me with pure confusion.
“whats wrong babe?…
I screamed out hearing my sexy female voice.
“why did I call you babe?!”
“I don’t know… you are my girlfriend?” he asked.
“of corse I am Kev but why am I saying that… what I should be saying is that I’m your girlfriend!…what is happening!”
it was hard to think. I tried to remember some other part of my life but all I could think of was my current life, my old one a memory that I was questioning if it was ever real.
“I think that the genie made you my girlfriend… what’s your name?”

“my name Tiffany… wait no! that’s not my name! my name is ummmmm, Tiffany! why does that feel correct?”

“my wish was that you were always ready for sex… so what do you want to do right now Tiffany?”

“I want to fuck you….wait NO I don’t! I don’t want to fuck you! I– I want to wrap my hands around that thick firm cock, envelop my lips over it and suck on your amazing dick. Ohh god Kev I’m so horny!”

“why don’t you warm up first… go finger yourself then I can give you the real thing.”

I didn’t want to resist so I fell to the floor and used my two middle fingers to warm up my pussy for Kevin,

there was some small part of me that knew this was wrong, but the pleasure from being fucked 3 times pushed that away for good.


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