Wheel (maladicus)

Steven never thought of being a woman. He was a hairy male. Extremely hair in fact and was as masculine as they came. Like many men, he was arrogant and a risk taker. That’s why this particular game was so tempting.
It was pure chance, much like roulette. You won money or you were transformed. The wheel had several options; bigger muscles, taller, shorter, lean, hair colour change, race change, gender change and so forth. The lucrative option was one billion dollars. You just can’t win that kind of money anywhere. He gave it a chance.
The wheel spun and spun. As it slowed he could see there was no chance of winning a million dollars. It looked as though it had ceased its movement on the taller options but it clicked over to the one he dreaded. Gender change.
The mass of body hair he had vanished. He shrunk. It was as though the hair he lost off his body added to his head as long hair sprouted. His torso tightened together as his hips flared. His thighs became womanly and his ass softened. Breasts emerged and his male genitalia was non-existent. He was a she.
Steven elected the new name of Stephanie. The chance of winning the money was not gone. There was a second round. This time the options were different. The wheel included; bigger breasts, blonde, Asian, BBW, reversal, bimbo, makeover, ass, lean, new wardrobe, slut. The money prise had increased to two billion dollars. Stephanie spun again. It landed on hotter.
Her ass plumped until it was a sexy two-cheeked mound of perfection. Her breasts enlarged. Her hips widened further and her thighs became more womanly. Her skin was smoother and her face was pretty even though she bore no make up whatsoever.
She decided to spin again. The options were the same as last time with the cash prize of three billion dollars. She spun. She was certain it would land on the cash as it slowed but it clicked over to new wardrobe.
The clothes which were the ones she wore as Steven and still wore now as Stephanie were greatly ill-fitting. They all altered until the top shrunk to a white one which barely even covered her breasts and left her stomach exposed. A choker formed around her neck. The runners which were worn yet reliable became strapped black heels and the daggy cargo shorts lengthened to become tight black jeans. Her bulky digital watch became a golden ring that adorned her thin feminine finger. She didn’t know it but her grey boxer shorts had become cheeky pink panties.
Stephanie was terrified. She may be female but she still had her male mind. Her mind didn’t match her body or attire. She gripped on to her surroundings. She was terrified of falling in heels. She had never worn them before. She needed to spin again.
The options were the same as before. She promised herself that if she gained a reversal which would make her Steven again she would quit. She spun the wheel. She almost squealed with glee as she though it would land on reversal but it wouldn’t be the case. The wheel stopped just before. It landed on makeover.
Her nails became an art form. Gone were the roughly cut plain ones. Her nails became skilfully pedicured, perfectly shape, long nails painted blue. Red lipstick coated her lips. Mascara surrounded her eyes. Her eyebrows became full and well-shaped. Stephanie had to admit. Her feet looked better now in heels with the painted nails but she wasn’t a woman she was a man. A man named Steven. She had to change back.
Without doubt she spun again. All was the same but the cash prize was ten billion dollars. As the wheel spun she knew her fate. She could see where it would land. Slut. And it did. Her mind changed. Stephanie looked back on being Steven as a bad period of her life. Walking in heels was a normal thoughtless habit. She was a make up artist. She loved men. Maybe a little too much.
In fear of landing a reversal. Stephanie didn’t spin again. She refused to be a man.
Stephanie spent the following weeks in bar. She met men and spent the following nights in bed with those men. She’d slept with so many men. More than most women. That was a certainty. So, it was no surprise that she fell pregnant. Soon, she will be a mother.
She has no idea. Not even the slightest. As to who the father is. She can’t even remember half the guys she’s fucked. Stephanie hopes for a beautiful baby girl so she can raise a hot slut. A daughter that can proudly take after her mother. If it’s a son she hopes the father is one of the guys with big cocks so they can be a gift to the female gender. However, she sorely hopes for a daughter.


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