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We dont care

this started with me and my buddy fighting over the same girl. and ended with me and my girlfriend fighting over the same cock. Read more

Girlfriend from a genie

I was walking on the beach when I found a sandy lamp. it looked like some old genie lamp that you saw in movies so I decided to bring it back to my beach house where I was staying with my buddy Kevin.
I set it on the counter and went back outside. Read more

FemaleFlu: Picnic

picnics are a thing my wife and I do a lot, we are practically experts.
we know the places, we know the blanket, and most importantly we knew the food. when it comes to food we don’t hold back.
we bake pies days before we go, have a cabinet specifically for saving food for picnics. Read more

business as usual

my name was Steaven, I used to be a lawyer, a really bad lawyer,
I never won any cases. that’s how I got into this steamy situation.
you see, the brother of a client of mine asked me to his house, saying he had some new evidence that could get his brother out of prison.
so I left my house in suit and tie and headed toward his home. Read more

Personal assistant

2 months. I have been undercover for 2 months as the mob boss
Sam Reiser’s personal assistant. I’ve been slowly gaining his trust, and finally, he slipped up. Read more