Getting my life on the right path

I was broke. I was just recently fired. Being much of a loner, I had no one to turn for help. I tried to apply to a new job, but I had no luck. I was sure, that in a few weeks I would be thrown out of my appartment, that would be it, I will live under a bridge.

One day my landlord yelled at me “you pay the rent today, or you’ll be living in the street by tomorrow”. A strange man saw the whole scene, he approached me “Sorry, but I think I can help you”. I immidiately distrusted him, so I ignored him and continued walking. “Sir, please, let me help you” he continued talking “actually, I need your help, and I’ll pay you 10000 dollars for one day of work”. I stopped walking, “It can help you get your life on the right path”. I knew nobody would pay that much for something legal, but I had to find out more. “Ok, I am listening” I said. “Oh not here, tell you what, let me buy you dinner and i’ll explain the job offer there”.

Ok, it was late, I was hungry too. So I agreed. We entered the restaurant. We ordered and talked for a while. “So? are you not going to ask me for my qualifications?” I asked him. “Oh no, I am not, I know your qualifications pretty well dear”. Dear? did he just call me dear? I thought. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well, I am in need of some help. Actually I need a person that can perform two jobs for me”, “go on” I said. “Well, I need an assistant, nothing too dificult, you would just need to help me with some simple office work” he said. — that doesn’t sound too bad I thought — “and the second job?” I asked. “Well dear, that’s the best part. You would accompany to dinner every day”. That didn’t sound right, but that wasn’t too bad “and the pay?” — “10,000 a month, just like I promised”.

“Great! where do I sign?” I said. “Oh dear, you don’t have to sign, you already have the job Kim”. Why did he call me by that name, that is not my name. I suddently felt a little cold, like I wasn’t wearing pants. I realized I had some extra weight on my chest. I looked down and realized I was wearing a black dress and a black bra, I could see my own breasts. “Why am I wearing women’s clothes? I don’t remember putting these clothes on today” I said.

“Dear, are you ok?” I looked at the man infront of me, still confused about what was happening. As I was about to talk, I felt something between my legs. It was a contraction, my vaginal lips were palpitating, I could even feel my clit being a little erect. There was no doubt, I was being turned on, I placed my hands over my own vagina, expecting to hide my arousal. I looked back at my boyfriend James and smiled. “I don’t think I will make it all the way to the end of dinner. I want you NOW”.


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