Starfish symbiotes

“Get them off! Get them off!”
“Nnnngh. I can feel them injecting me with something!
Carl tried to tear the starfish off from his chest in sheer panic. It hurt as hell and they wouldn´t budge an inch. They were staying put. His friends could do nothing.
As a joke he had picked up two weird looking starfish on the beach and pretended to have an exotic bikini. He quickly learned his folly as soon as he tried to remove them.

Sharp needles pierced his skin and the both the starfish began to pump him full with strange chemicals. They harvested his blood, modified it and sent it back.

The changes swept over Carl as the modified blood rushed through his system. He was male of fairly big stature shrunk but he had shrunk several inches already.
Large portions of his muscles turned to fat instead and rearranged themselves on his chest, thighs, hips and ass. Even during his state of panic he understood what was happening.
His dick shriveled up and retreated inwards, leaving a flat pussy in its stead.
The changes soon subsided, altering his voice as the last thing that happened.
Carl studied himself. Even without a mirror he could tell that he was a total knockout.

All of sudden his breasts started to itch.
“AAARGH!” The starfish began to meld with his body, into his breasts. They passed through the skin and added to the mass of flesh that was already there, increasing the size of his bust.
“Somebody help me!” Carl screamed with a soprano voice. “Heelp meee! Heel….Heelllooo there”.
Carl friends had watched the transformation with horrification but now as the transformed Carl gave them her attention they became terrified and ran away.

“Aw”, she said and pouted with her lips.
Carl was gone, but not entirely. The starfish had melded with his personality and creating a new one. A decidedly more feminine one.
“Too bad, they were always talking about scoring with hot chicks but when they have a live naked on in front of them they run away. Oh, well. Guess I´ll have to find someone else to breed with”.


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