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Don’t Fight it

The last thing I remembered was the crash I was driving fast trying to get out of town after it had become overrun with the bimbo virus. I had just watched my best-friends turn right before my eyes, I was alone and scared and emotional I took the first car I could find and left town as fast as I could until I hit the pothole. The car flipped into the air and came to rest in front of an old college as I blacked out I saw a group of women running over having just seen the crash.   Read more

Time to Make the “Breast” of It

Ken leaned back away from his girlfriend Leona, after the gender flu virus that had been spreading took hold of him unsuspectingly. His instant changes had him no longer thinking of kissing his girlfriend, but exploring his new body, especially his new pert breasts. Read more

TG Virus Pagent

You wouldn’t think I was once a man would you. I look like a girl. I speak like a girl. I act like a girl.
The victims of the TG virus pagent is all about celebrating people’s new found form. I’ve been told I’m picked to be this years winner. When I contracted the virus I was terribly alarmed. The doctors told me I only had four days remaining as a male. I was unsure how I would live after those four days had finished. I dreaded being a female, I didn’t see how I could live on the other side of the fence. Those four days were hard my body was gradually changing.
When it was all over I discovered that being a female isn’t that bad. I discovered that I was in fact quite beautiful. I fell in love with my new form. I loved shopping for new clothes to suit my body. It was always so fun. I learned how to apply make up expertly and do my hair stunningly.
When I saw a flyer about the pagent, I couldn’t resist. I spent all week planning how I would look. I bought my bikini and ensured it would display the best features of my body, especially my ass. I did my make up paying attention to every tiny detail. I looked in the mirror and decided that with an ass like my own, I couldn’t possibly lose.
I was so excited when I won. It confirmed to me that I loved being a girl and that I was better off this way.

Why Me?

Why me? Why would I be one of the unfortunate ones that contracted the Femvirus? I was happy as a man. Very happy. I don’t want to be a girl. I don’t want to wear skirts or dresses. I don’t want to wear make up or do my hair. I don’t want to shave my legs or sit to pee. It’s just not me.

Is This Real?

Hi, you can call me Skxawng, I’m a 20 years old boy. I have been enjoying reading TG Captions for quite a long time. There are a few websites that I used to visit to read some TG Captions.
I don’t know, I have this fantasy of living the life in the other gender. I love reading some captions, while imagining what would it be like if I’m inside the story, being transformed, body swapped, into a body of a girl. I bet it will be an awesome experience. Read more

Virus contamination

“Oh come on babe you now you want me” purred the blonde in the blue jumpsuit.
I felt my heart beat a little faster and I did indeed want her but deep down I knew that she was once my best friend Andy who was a man. “Andy come on mate, you’re a man, I don’t want to fuck you”
“But please Joe you have to know, I am a woman now and my name is not Andy it is Anna.” Stated Anna “And let’s be honest you want to fuck my brains out”
“Andy, I mean… Anna. I have no desire to have a sexual relationship with you” I tried to sound firm and confident but I don’t think it came out that way. The truth is I though she was incredible and I would love her to caress her body against mine.
“You could join me you know Joe” smiled Anna. “I am only a woman due to the virus that makes people female. I have that virus and if we were to participate in sexual activity. We would be women together, it would be great”
“I’m not sure that would be me” I could feel my cock stiffen at the thought of her mouth massaging my manly penis.
“Oh come on baby I’m sure it is, just look at me” with that Anna unzipped her jumpsuit and revealed her large round breasts. I was in awe. I had never seen a better pair of tits in my life or a better woman. With that she strode towards me in the sexy way only a woman can. She dropped to her knees and removed any clothing that stood between her and her goal. Finally she exposed my proudly erect cock. Her succulent feminine lips surround it and make it moist with her saliva. The feeling was sensational. She moved her head back and forth as she massaged my cock with her magnificent mouth. Gradually my body changed the more she sucked the more my penis shrunk she continued until it was a pretty pink shaven vagina. Not only had my genitalia changed I was a full women with the hair, the breasts, the curves and all. She did not stop however. She licked my clit until I reached an unreal orgasm. Wow, that was really something.

Epidemic (5)

“Damn it, still no word on finding a cure?!” Harry, or “Harriet” asked aloud to herself as she read the news in a science magazine. “I can’t take this anymore!” She said as she caressed her massive breasts. Nearly two months had gone by, and the world was being ravaged by the T-G Virus. 35% of the world’s population had been exposed and undergone “bimbosis”. There was a mass panic and entire sections of various cites were being quarantined, including where Harriet and her roommates lived. She could hear her bimbo roommates fucking their latest victims throughout the apartment. Some poor uninfected souls and been quarantined along with the infected. Both the uninfected, and even some of the “Bimbos” tried to resist having sex with each other for as long as they could, but it was only a matter of time before they started spreading the virus even more. The infected found that after they achieved sexual release, that they had only a few moments of clear thinking before their overwhelming arousal returned. This meant that pretty much all day every day they either needed to have sex or masturbate. Harriet spent most of her time doing the latter. She hated infecting people, so she tried her best to stay away from men. However, hearing the pleasured cries of the poor men her roommates “Toni”, “Martina”, and “Queenie” had dragged home was not helping her resolve.

Epidemic (3)

Harry woke up the next morning with a few surprises. He had gotten drunk the night before and couldn’t remember a thing. He felt a girl in bed with him, and rolled over to see who she was. His heart skipped a beat when he realized that the girl he had slept with was none other than Toni, and at the same time, he felt huge breasts shifting around on his formerly male chest and a horny pussy where his dick used to be. The virus had spread once again. All “Harriet” could think of was that there was only one male left in the apartment… Quincy.

Revenge is a dish best served sexily

I was so excited to have finally graduated highschool and get on with my life, away from horrible place of torment they called a school. Finally I would be free of Marcus and his goons, free of the teachers that turned a blind eye to the arbitrary beatings and ridicule I would receive. But before my summer could even start, I got sick, really sick. I was bedridden for days with my whole body cramping making me wish I would just die. I was losing weight at an insane rate, and it wasn’t until what were undeniably breasts started to form on my chest, did my parents and I realized that this was something very strange.
My parents took me to every specialist they could find. All the while, my breasts got bigger, and I started to notice my dick getting smaller. However, no one had any idea what was happening. We were at our wit’s end when some men in black suits came to our door. They explained that it was a kind of virus that changes a male into a female. They went into more detail but most of that went in one ear and out the other, as I just got the bomb dropped on me that I was actually going to change gender. I was snapped out of my trance when my dad started talking. He was a producer at a national news organization and had a talent for saying things without actually saying it. The men in suits were a little angered with what he said, but I knew that he just saved my ass. If not for his connections to the media and his ability to get a story out at a moment’s notice, I was sure I’d have a black bag thrown over my head, and I’d find myself in a lab never to be heard of again. They quickly explained to my parents what would happen to me through the rest of my transition and left under the condition that we keep quiet about my illness.
The rest of the change was just as bizarre albeit less painful as the first two weeks. The strangest part was the few days seeing my penis and scrotum turn into a vagina. It took almost six weeks for my body to not be noticeably changing every day. Taking a look in the mirror was a surreal experience. I looked nothing like my old self. What’s more is that I had no family resemblance to my parents. There was no way anyone would think that the smoking hot redhead staring back at me in the mirror would be the offspring of my parents.
Over the next few days, I found myself surprisingly calm about the radical changes my body underwent. My parents and I even took a day to go to the mall to buy me a new wardrobe. I found that I rather liked shopping for clothes and had a taste for the sexy side of fashion, somewhat to my mom’s disapproval, but I think she felt the whole ordeal was hard enough on me and made no comment.
I was having a blast until I saw Marcus and his goons in the food court. Marcus caught me looking at him and decided that was an invitation to come over and talk to me. I had just sat down with our smoothies while my parents used the restroom so I had no defenses. Marcus started to try and chat me up while his friends hooted and hollered from the table they were sitting at. After what seemed like an eternity, my dad came out of the bathroom and scared Marcus off, and we were able to get on with our day. Despite having been hit on by my mortal enemy, we had a great time going out as a family. Something we hadn’t done in far too long.
The next day however, my dad started to get sick. The same symptoms I had shown when I started my transformation. We were freaking out, trying to figure out how my dad got sick. We knew from the information from the government men that the virus would still be in my system for up to a year and that it could be contracted through contact with my blood, vaginal secretions, and saliva, but we had been very careful to make sure I handled my own dirty clothes and even washed my own dishes. My mind raced as I tried to figure out where we messed up. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was so rattled when Marcus came up to me that when he was finally scared off I ended up grabbing my Dad’s smoothie, who ordered the same thing as I did. He ended up grabbing mine, and we were none the wiser. I cried as I admitted my mistake to my parents and apologized profusely. I felt so guilty, but a part of me also blamed Marcus for once again bringing pain into my life. Despite his sickness, my dad acted quickly to move all of his assets into my mom’s name, and we came to the decision that we would have to move once his transformation was complete. His transformation was even more remarkable than mine was. It seemed that the virus had a set age that it transformed its victims to. So not only did I watch as my father change from male to female. I watched as he went from a man in his fifties to a girl in her late teens maybe early twenties.
During the whole transformation I felt guilty, but I still laid some of the blame on Marcus. It was killing me that all I could do was watch helplessly while my dad changed before my eyes. Then it dawned on me. I could finally get revenge for all the torment Marcus had put me through. I could get revenge for my father. I put together the sluttiest outfit from the clothes I bought and headed for Marcus’s house. I knew that was their hang out spot as I learned early on in my childhood to avoid that house at all costs.
Sure enough when I knocked on the front door. Danny, one of Marcus’s goons, answered. I asked to see Marcus and walked in trying to act as confident and sexy as I could. Marcus was stunned when he saw me and asked how I knew he lived here. I spun up some story about finding out from someone who knew him in the food court after he left. I told him about how sexy I found him, but I couldn’t show it while my “aunt and uncle” were with me. I told him I wanted him now and lifted up my skirt slowly to show I wasn’t wearing any panties. Marcus took my hand and started to lead me to his bedroom, telling his buddies to not wait up. I looked at them all feasting their eyes on my body, and I got another idea.
I stopped and looked in Marcus’s eyes when he turned around. I wagged my finger playfully and told him I didn’t want just him. I wanted all five of them, right now. I swear I could hear the jaws drop as before I knew it, we were all naked right there in that living room. I got on my knees and was quickly surrounded by five hard dicks. I gave them each a good lick just to make sure no one missed out on the real fun then prepared myself for what was to come next, and I had to admit, I was really excited.

Das letzte Mal

Schnell Diana! Ich will dich nochmal ficken bevor auch mein Schwanz verschwindet.
Ich hätte niemals gedacht, das der TG Virus auch mich treffen könnte. Read more