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Get a Kick 3

“Oh what to do, what to do…” My mother mused as I stood frozen, forced into some ‘sexy pose’. “This program has so many options… but I suppose there’s no rush. Maybe I’ll just leave you like that for a while, hm? A living statue?”
“Come on, mom. I don’t want to do this.”
“You’re right, that’s boring. Let’s see how far this obedience option can go. You don’t like being a woman much do you?”
“Definitely not.”
“I can tell” She said smiling. “but you make such a sexy one. Let’s see you move what your mamma gave you *giggle*. Shake those melons around, son.” Read more

Get a kick

My mother has been having far too much fun lately, ever since she got ahold of that program. A few weeks ago I had found, through some strange dealings on the internet, a copy of Adobe Morph- a program that somehow allows the user to totally alter a subjects body, mind and life. I had no idea the program could do what it claimed until I tried it. My first change was giving myself purple hair. When it worked, and I actually had purple hair down to the root, I was beside myself with amazement. When I googled the program it didn’t appear to exist, so I was either crazy or I had stumbled upon some actual goddamn magic. Read more

Oh- I get it!

“Wooooaahhh! Shit! What are- boobs?!” James gasped as he chatted with Will. “You used your stupid little magic program to make me in to a girl?” Read more