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Genie Series #30. @tiffany23

“Hello Genie! My name is Trent and I’m getting bored as the CEO of my company. I wish that I could live a much simpler life with a more menial life” Genie smiled as she read Trents wish. “I know exactly what he needs. Wish granted” she said, and as faded away into pink holographic symbols. Read more


Henry stared down at his chest after waking up feeling different and a strange heavy sensitive weight on his chest. He pulled the bra down to see the massive globes attached to him, a part of him. Was he a woman now? He reached for his crotch, finding only pussy lips below his lace panties. Read more

Magic Items. The Tie.

When I got home, I found a boxed gift. It was addressed to my brother. “And from Katie” I said outloud, I couldn’t believe his ex sent him a present. I openned the box, and inside of it was a black tie. “I bet he would just throw it away. He doesn’t want anything to do with her. I’ll just keep the tie myself” I said. I took the tie to my room, and put it in my wardrobe, “i’ll wear it tomorrow at work”. Read more

Better grades

I was failing physics. There was nothing I could do. So I asked my teacher for an extra assignment, something to get my grades up. “There is one thing. But I don’t think you will like it” he told me. “Anything!” I said, “I can’t fail this class. I’ll be thrown out of college”. Read more