Ted had left the Clinic of Change with a handful of brochures, hoping his brother would do as he did eventually and become a beautiful babe. Not only did Ted want to be a woman, but as Vanessa now, he wanted a sister. Upton was given the brochures, but still needed convincing, so Vanessa showed him the boobs, and let him feel them, telling him he could feel them from the inside if he was like her. She went on to tell him that they felt better having them, than just touching them on someone else.

This convinced Upton to get the changes, but when he came out as Wanda, he had much bigger breasts than his sister. He always shad to outdo her, so this was no exception. She was a 32C, and he well he was, a 32G. Vanessa was a bit jealous, and realized she couldn’t get anymore done, the changes could only be done once in a lifetime, a second treatment would kill her. Then again she could get them the old fashioned way, implants.

The battle of the boobs began, as Vanessa later upped on Wanda coming home with 32M breasts, outdoing her sister by several cup sizes. Sure enough looks and stares came next, and then backaches, but it was well worth the catcalls and backaches to beat her sister in size.


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