C Club

“C Club”
The place was new but already renowned. Ilooked at the sign and felt expectation.
Stories already floated around about the wild atmosthpere inside.

I had already paid the expensive entrance fee over the net, so when I arrived the doorkeeper just ushered me in.

“Welcome to C Club! I see that you are new here”, a cute girl said to me from behind a big bucket filled with ice and beer.
It wasn´t hard to spot me as a newbie, I must have looked like a deer in a headlight when I entered.
She obviously was employed by the club. “Yeah. It´s my first time. I´ve heard good things about the place”
The girl gave me a sly smile. “Have you heard that you are required to pick a welcoming drink?”
“Uh. No?”
“Great!”, she bounced, which made her boobs jiggle alluringly, “Pick one of the bottles in front of you. The results will vary depending on which one you take”.
“Okay?”, I responded, wondering what she meant.

I liked cold beer so I picked one that was in the middle of the bucket. Logically it should be the coldest.
The girl in front of me giggled when she saw the bottle I had chosen.
“Cheers!”, I said saluted to her and took a swig of the beer.

Well. It wasn´t beer.
The liquid tasted obnoxiously sweet but I couldn´t stop drinking it. Within seconds I had emptied the whole bottle.
I felt an overhwelming pressure rise up from inside of my body. “You´ll love it”, I heard a female voice say from the distance before the pressure released, which made me feel I was turned inside out.

“You turned out really well”, the girl from before said admiringly to me whilst eyeing me up and down, “If you don´t find anyone later on you always hit me up”, she said with a wink.

I felt strange all over, like my skin was exposed. My body was lighter overall but I felt heavier in some other places.
When my hands began to roam my body I got my answer. I had become a woman.
An judging from the reflection in the mirror behind the bar a damn sexy one too. I had a low cut dress with a deep V-neck that showed my ample clevage from my boobs.
It didn´t freak me out at all, suprisingly I felt quite comfortable.
“Feels doesn´t it?”, the girl said, “Everyone in here is changed into someone else. Guys can become other guys, girls can become other girls. And in your case; guys can become girls.”
“I`m Callie by the way.”
“I´m Angelica”. I might have looked suprised when I said my name. I really meant to say Adam”.
Callie made a soft laugh. “It´s not only our bodies that change, our mind change too to go with the body”.
“Makes sense”.

The place was filled to the brim with beautiful men and women. The atmoshpere was high and people was happy. I was such a tease when I flirted with the men, it felt so exciting! I just had to show some clevage or some leg, put my hand on their arm and Voila! They would buy me a free drink.

I had great fun. The most fun I´ve had in my entire life. I felt so wanted. Many guys and some women wanted to chat me up, but yet I couldn´t let go thinking of Callie, the buxom brunette that had greeted me into the club.
My body tingled and my respiration increased a little when thinking about her.

I had decided that she would be the one that would show me the pleasures of the female flesh.


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