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Genie Series #11. @stryke89

“My name is Alex, and I wish to become a hot naughty gamer girl!” Genie read outloud. “I love these kind of wishes, straight and simple” she said. “Wish granted” Genie said while transforming into a game avatar. Alex was at home, playing games as usual, when his controller started shaking, it was like rumble but way too intense. It started to fall apart, “cheap piece of plastic” Alex said outloud, but then he noticed pink goo dripping out of it. In a matter of seconds he was completely covered by the goo. Read more

Trying to convince him

Tom had been playing online for hours nonstop. His girlfriend Emily was getting tired by the fact that he would rather play games and spend time with her. So she put a curse on him, everytime he would rather play videogames instead of going out with her, he would lose part of his manhood, and gain some femininity. Read more

A body susceptible to wishes

“Stop it! you play videogames all day! sometimes I feel you are such a child” my girlfriend said. “And you spend all your time on the web! what is the difference?” I yelled back at her. “Sometimes I wish you’d understand me better, I wish you were more like me. Even if that meant you were a woman” she said. At that exact moment, I felt weird, my hair started to grow longer, my body reshaped into the one of a 22 year old woman. We were both amazed at what just happened. We forgot all about our fight. After talking about what might happened, and coming to no possible explanation; we decided to go to bed, and experiment a little. Her fingers inside my new pussy felt great, but nowhere near as good as her tongue. I came so many times. Read more