Letter of Commendation

Dear Captain,

I am writing to offer words of praise for Detective Johnson of the 14th precinct.

When I showed up naked in the lobby of the 14th, I was hysterical. You would be too if your sorceress wife changed you into a woman with no warning and left you naked in front of a police station. To say she was angry at me would be a huge understatement.

Anyway, Detective Johnson could not have been more professional. He said, “Whether or not you want to be a woman, that’s what you are right now. You need to calm down and we will try and figure out what to do.”

He got me some clothes and took me into a private room. He explained carefully that there is a “prick test” that would help me figure out my orientation and the level of hormones that my wife used in the transformation.

As it turns out the “prick test” is not getting a little bit of blood with a needle. Instead in involved Detective Johnson taking out his huge cock to see how I would respond.

Captain, this was ingenious. He was able to discern immediately my level of desire. He observed me kneeling in front of him and taking his cock between my lips and sucking on it hungrily. He could not have been supportive, and he reassured me the whole time it took for me to pleasure him and feel him spurt down my throat.

This is a distinguished public servant. If you give him a medal I will be a part of the celebration afterwards. He can bring his fellow policemen along.

Thank you again


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