genie Heinrich

“Hello Mark and Lucy! I am genie Heinrich!” That shout genie when He came out of the lamp.

“Gine Heinrich? Seriously? You are German genie?” Mark could not believe what he hears

“Of course! All jinn are spot Munich! But this is not the most important. I have for you three wishes!”

“Three wishes for each of us?” Lucy asked

“Unfortunately, three for you both”

“Ok, as a man I take two wishes.” Without hesitation, said Mike. “so, Lucy I want to become a beautiful blonde who is still horny”

“Sorry Mike, but that’s two wishes. choose one” Gemoe said

“Ok, I have another request, so no problem. I want Lucy was a beautiful blonde!” At this time, slightly thick Lucy changed to blonde beauty

“Ok, Now it’s your turn Lucy”

Nervous Lucy decided to spite Mike. “I want to swap bodies with Mike”. And then Mike was a blond beauty

“Lucy, what have you done! now I must waste a wish.”

“Not necessarily. two wishes was to have a man. So that Lucy has a second request.” Said amused Heinrich.

“Cool. So I want Mike to become a horny hard on my new dick!”

“So be it! As German ginie, I would like to mention that the last person you fell upon request loses the memory of his previous life, It’ our German joke.” Heinrich said, and disappeared.

Now stunned Mike does not know where he is and who he is. “Who am I?”

“Silly, you are my girlfriend Lucy” amused said the new Mike. “Do You know what is the time now?”


“Time to suck my dick”

“Yupi, I already kneel!” And old Mike knelt down and began to suck until ejaculation.


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