Being Dani Part One

When you are asked what your dream job is be very careful about your answer? Especially if it is a witch. I was asked what my absolute dream job would be by a witch and like any other young men would I said pornstar. Then she asked who was my favourite and that was easy because Dani Daniels is one of the sexiest there is.
Then there was a flash of light and I was in a different room in a place I had never been nor seen before. I feel my nipples shiver from the cold and cover my breasts with my arms. Hang on. Breasts! I move my long hair out of the way to get a better look. Wait on. I don’t have long hair! I continued to make these discoveries until I finally worked it out the witch had put me into the body of Dani Daniels.
I’m not sure how I will adjust to this. Then a man walked in and told me they were ready for me. I followed the man and there was a hot woman in front of me. Then I remembered. I am a pornstar!


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