Gave myself a promotion

OMG what did you do?

What, I just rigged up our transmogrifier to change me into this. I even got these clothes 3D printed for me. I’d say I look rather spectacular, but it’s hard to appreciate my new assets from the 1st person perspective and I’d always wanted to do this with a photocopier.

You’re off to a great start as the office slut if you don’t get fired first.

Thanks, I was hoping to transfer from IT to the secretary pool. I heard you were outsourcing soon and the job market is terrible right now. I’d always had this fantasy and figured it was now or never.

I’ll quit first before I let you stay on after the stunt you just pulled.

We were hoping you’d say that. My first meeting in this body was with our VP to show off the new me in all the intimate details. And with you leaving there will be an opening and he’s already familiar with filling openings.


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