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Where’s My Dick?

Oh fuck. That’s me. I have a vagina. Where’s my dick? What happened? What the fuck? I can’t live like this. Where’s my dick?

If you have a problem

Guess what?
I don’t have a penis anymore and if you don’t like that, I don’t like that because this is me. I am a woman.
I love being a woman and it easily trumps being a man and I simply understand why one would want to be a man yet alone criticise one for choosing to be a woman over a man. So if you have anything to say you can go fuck off!

Football femgas

Winning is everything to many. Is when the opposing football team is destined to win spray them with femgas. This team hear were favourites to win the championships but now the only thing they might win is a beauty pageant.

Fields of Femininity

When Jason and his class went on a school excursion to the fields of femininity they were unsure of how it would go. However, once they got there they loved it.
The fields of femininity require everyone to be female in that area. So for Jason and his mates as they entered they became female. Jason was pleased with his new body as was everyone else and their new bodies. He loved the feeling of the space between his legs that resulted in being more comfortable and he and all the others agreed that having boobs is sensational. They were all a little sad to leave the fields of femininity. They were worried that they may never see this beautiful bodies again. However little did they know that if on exit from fields of femininity if they are satisfied with being a girl they shall remain a girl.
Jason was over the moon when he was confirmed as a she. Once they passed the gate Jason who now likes to be called Jessica, proceeded to show everyone her vagina.
She shouted, “look at me I still have a pussy, I am a girl forever!” Jessica had never been this happy as Jason.

Too Good to be True

Me and my friends were out clubbing when we saw a girls gone wild van pull up outside. I saw the producer enter the club and went to buy him a drink. Read more


At one point in his life every man should go to a femparty. This is a party where everyone becomes women. They are a lot of fun and many men retain their female form. Luke, Norman, John, Morris and Ernie (Left to Right) went to one and were astonished by their new forms. They became Lucy, Natalie, Jenna, Michelle and Elise (Left to Right). Jenna was simply shocked by her form and changed back to a male at the conclusion of the party. This was a disappointment to the rest because Jenna was arguably the hottest. Natalie reformed back as well. However Lucy, Michelle and Elise remained female and are still women today. There are rumours that they may never go back.

I’ll find a way

The day I was kidnapped was a bizarre one. A mysterious man had taken me away and put me in the boot of his car. It felt like we were driving for days however it was probably only an hour or two. When we stopped I was dragged out and I saw a group of 7 women in front of a white limousine. The mysterious man asked which one of these was me. I was lost because they weren’t me. He said that I was going to become one of these women and I had to choose. I thought this was all foolish and just nodded. I asked if I could see all the women’s tits to assist my decision. They all displayed their breasts for me to observe. Not thinking the man’s theory I chose the one in the middle who was named Montana. Suddenly I was standing on the other side looking at the mysterious man and a corpse on the ground. The corpse was me. I was so panicked and confused and then it hit me. I am Montana. I fondle my breasts and run my hands through my long hair. I squeeze my backside and reach between my legs and find nothing apart from a moist slit. It is confirmed I am Montana.
The mysterious man never gave a true reason for why he did this but he never let me change back. Kt’s so hard being a girl with a man’s mind. I hate wearing skirts and heels. Don’t even start about that stupid hair. I’ll find a way to change back I just know I will.

It’s pretty exciting (part one)

It sure is exciting changing genders.
John became Jess due to a chemical waste spillage. Most expected John to become depressed and possibly even consider suicide however he embraced his, or her, new form. Jess loved displaying her perfect round breasts to all her friends. She loved telling them how much better it was a woman and they soon experienced their own chemical accidents. They all agree it’s pretty exciting changing genders.