Full Pardon

Grant was told he would be issued a full pardon from prison, if he volunteered for the alien technology experiment using alien body modification beams. The wardens were stunned when Grant instantly changed into curly haired blonde female, and his clothing changed as well right before their eyes! Grant hadn’t expected this, as his chest expanded more and more, and he realized he was a woman now too!

The wardens told him he would be free to go once they did some experiments on him in his newly changed ultra busty female body. They also told him the alien ray was a success, and that further use on the same subject would mean instant death. The trouble was Grant was now an ultra busty woman, and he even had trouble getting up out of the chair he was previously handcuffed to, with his huge new chest weights at the front!

One of the wardens said, well Grant, your new ID will be Gretchen, and you will be considered a success. They walked him to a nearby car where they took him to a hidden cottage for training on his new life that resulted from the alien technology. Every move Gretchen made now, she would notice how different having giant breasts makes life, but then again she is free from prison.


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