Friends think a like.

I bet none of us expected this. I was bored with my life, and I hated I couldn’t find a date. So I bought a potion at a store at the mall. The old man who sold it to me, told me it would transform any person into my perfect lover. At the mall, I ran into my friend James. I thought about using the potion on him, so I invited him home to play some videogames.

After a long play and drinking session, I went to the fridge and grabbed two more beers. I poured both beers into glasses, and poured the potion into James’s glass. I took a sip from mine, so I wouldn’t have them mixed up. I walked back out to the living room, I gave James his beer, and left mine on the table. “I have to pee” I told him.

When I came back, we both drank from our glasses. I felt light headed, “wait did I drink from the wrong beer?” I asked myself. I looked at James, and he looked confused too. I felt my chest explode into breasts. I felt my equipment retract into my body. My whole face reshaped. I looked at James, but he was gone, replaced by a very confused woman. I looked down and realized I was a woman too. “James must have bought the same potion and used it on me too” I thought.

Then I felt like if someone had just punched me in the face. I openned my eyes again. And in front of me, my friend Jenny, holding a videogame controller. “I don’t know why guys find this entertaining” she said. I was holding a controller too, “I don’t know either”. “Shit, It’s getting late. We should get ready for our double date” I said. We walked upstairs and got dressed in sexy lingerie. We both felt really hot, so when we heard the doorbell, we decided to skip dinner, and just make out with our dates. We walked down the stairs almost naked, “I am sure the guys will love to sleep with us”


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